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The following forms were sent home.  If your child's copy was misplaced, you can print yourself a copy here.

Student Permission Form For Ottawa 67s Goals Presentation (Thursday, November 16, 2017) Grades 3 - 6

Consent For The Use And Disclosure Of Student Information

Grades K - 6 Acceptable Use of Technology Agreement

Informed Consent For Student Participation and Acknowledgment Of Risk

Request and Consent For Administration of Medication Form

Student Permission Form For Excursions

Pizza and Milk Forms

Pizza Order Form 

(October 5, 2017 - January 25, 2018)

For Cash and Cheque Payments

Milk Order Form 

(October 2, 2017  - February 28, 2018) 

For Cash and Cheque Payments

Pizza Order Form 

(February  - June 2018)

For Cash and Cheque Payments

Milk Order Form (March - June 2018)   For Cash and Cheque Payments

Click the links below to review the policies in place in our school:

St. Augustine Code of Conduct

St. Augustine Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan

St. Augustine Progressive Discipline Policy 

OCSB Individual Education Plan (IEP) Fact Sheet for Parents    

OCSB Lockdown Fact Sheet 

Ottawa Public Health Contact Information

Bicycle Safety

Dental Health

Dental Screening Health Video

Helmet Safety

Healthy Lunches

Immunization Information

Mental Health

Safe Swimming


Sugar and Drinks


FSL Homework Toolbox 

Tout Petits Tele Quebec




Radio Canada

French Language Guide 

DSO Kids
(exploring music)

SFS Kids
(San Francisco Symphony Kids site - hear, learn and have fun with music)

Art Project - Tour Around the World
Funbrain Math

A Maths Dictionary

Ask Dr. Math

Cool Math

Math Frog

Nelson Math

Virtual Math Manipulatives

Fact Monster

AAA Math

Maths Zone


Khan Math


IXL Math

Math is Fun

Grade 5 Math

Toon University

That Math Quiz

Math Fact Cafe

Math Magician

How Stuff Works

Canadian Science and Technology Museum

Animal Planet

Bill Nye the Science Guy

Cool Science

Discover Kids

Khan Science

TVO Kids

National Geographic

Education Place

Online Basic Skills Games

Primary Games

Funbrain Games & Activities


(Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts & Creative Arts)

Mr. Nussbaum
(Math, English, Science, History)

BBC Bitesize

(English, Math, Science)

Typing Game

Dancemat Typing

Keyyboarding Games
Create a Comic Strip

Media Literacy and 21st Century Learning

Media Literacy and Current Events


Interactive Story Plan

Into the Book

Mighty Books

Reading at Home


StarFall Learn to Read

Spelling City

Story Planner

Word Central